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michelle evans  your mother is ripping massive farts hd

michelle evans your mother is ripping massive farts hd

That was a custom clip.--nbsp--You come home from an event, after eating a little too much, and are extremely gassy from the foods you ate. You are wearing one of your shiny spandex with full back panties underneath. You sit on the sofa, -rdquo-legs crossed lady like style-rdquo-, and proceed to rip the loudest, longest, bubbliest farts you ever had. Your young son is in the room, and you-rsquo-re not even the slightest bit embarrassed by him hearing your insane obnoxious blasts, because after all, he-s your son- who cares, right?!-nbsp---nbsp--You-re sitting legs crossed, back up against the sofa, while ever so slightly leaning over- ripping the most multi-toned bubbliest farts you ever had.-nbsp---nbsp--You just laugh it off at first, then continue farting while apologizing every so often to him.-nbsp- Your son is secretly turned on by your farts and refuses to leave. You have no idea that it turns him on, so you just continue to fart away. You-rsquo-re playing on your phone the whole time,-nbsp- and continue to rip the most musical farts you possibly can.-nbsp- Eventually towards the end, your son needs to go to the bathroom to jerk off.-nbsp- Again, you have no idea, so you continue to rip loud gulpy farts while he-rsquo-s in the bathroom getting closer and closer to orgasm while listening to his mom fart in the living room.-rdquo--nbsp---nbsp---nbsp--The clip contains german. But remember farts are the international language! :)