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goddess kendall  toilet slave

goddess kendall toilet slave

What, were you hoping for a new fart clip this week? HAH. A dirty toilet boy like you, I just BET you were. Why settle for fart clips? I think someone as nasty as you should aspire to so much more. You can be my new toilet slave. Every time I need to relieve myself, you-ll be here, waiting with an eager, open mouth. You-ll swallow every last drop of my waste. Gladly. I-ll even use your tongue as toilet paper. No reason to use rough tissue on my perfect pussy and delicate asshole when I know you-re here to make sure I-m spotless after every bowel movement. You-re going to get used more than a public restroom.

Farting  -  Submissive Bathroom Desperation And Humiliation Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Submissive Bathroom Desperation And Humiliation Kelsey Obsession

I knew my master was cruel, but I never imagined I would be forbidden to go to the bathroom. I-ve always been such a good little slave and I don-t understand why I am being tortured now, suffering as my bowels fill up, up, UP with poo and gas! My master might allow me to go, but first I have to fart, and then I have to fart some more! I am literally squealing in discomfort but still I am forbidden to go! My farts are so huge and I-m afraid something else is going to come out, but I am helpless until my master allows me to relieve myself! Until then I-m just a humiliated fart slave!

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