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amara noir  morning farts for breakfast

amara noir morning farts for breakfast

As you can see from my output of work, I-ve been on a non stop fartnado for a few months now. My mind on my money and my music. In this clip however, we have a short intro from a late evening at a charity event where I met an enticing stranger. Hit it off exchanged some info. Well I didn-t film there- but home, Tipsy on my couch watching svu after all the excitement haha... the bulk of this clip is me waking up ass early, -amp- politely fending off this charmer-s advances to cook me breakfast. IM TOO FUCKING GASSY FOR A FIRST DATE. check it. Too early for me to be awake, let alone on a date. The farts are loud, stinky and plentiful. That eve, after I finish my business I DO have a date with him. Hear my recap -amp- the dilemma of dating a catch when you-re so caught up in catering to FART SNIFFING LOSERS. It-s all good and fun tho. 8min40 sec