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alena love  shrunken gf gets farted out vorehd hd

alena love shrunken gf gets farted out vorehd hd

By Request. "So what I-m thinking is that you are my ex girlfriend that i recently broke up with and I-m over at your place with my new girlfriend to pick up some of my stuff when you decide to get some revenge by shrinking us down small! Excited at the thought of all the things you can do with us, you tease us with your giant ass Then you smile to yourself because you have the perfect idea. You tell us that my new girlfriend is looking tasty and what would I think if you swallowed her whole, digested her in your belly, and made her part of your sexy huge booty, making it even bigger and hotter. You make me watch as you taunt and tease her with your ass telling her exactly what is going to happen to her before swallowing her. Then you tease me with your ass up close showing your tight winking butt and laughing about how my precious newgirlfriend is going to end up as just another part of your sexy booty. You say she has something she wants to tell you, then FART into my face (Fart tease throughout would just be amazing, talking about how my girlfriend is giving you gas, how you are gunna turn her intofarts, and how SHE IS JUST A FART now, etc)" Then the ex bf gets eaten too, to join the remains of his new girlfriend lol. Filmed in 4k and encoded to 1080p